Saturday, June 13, 2009

Started again

Officially this is not my first entry as i keep posting and deleting since first time idea plus so lazy to keep updating the blog..i guess that me not to interested in maintaining the blog active..
But tonite got some typing job to do..and manage to finish before my hubby back got spare time for surfing...then come across to few friend blog...Me feel excited to start all over again..
Since i deleted my friendster acc due to some reasons, i had heard no news from almost all my net lastly say to myself...ok fine...y dont u start least can spend time and get to know other ppl...

so hola to back to net...blogging about life...BUT this will be very simple blog without all those bling2...extra flavour as me so lazy to snap photo..hehhe
so guess i need to write at least a thousand word to equal to a photo..."a photo worth a thousand word" rite.

C ya tomorrow...tiring..time for a good rest

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