Monday, May 31, 2010

Jom join: Giveaway #7: Moo Moo Kow™ One-Size Cloth Diapers & Cloth Wipes

Jom join giveaway ni...i would like to try this diapers actually sebab got good review...wish me luck! finger crossed

Interested to join?? Click here

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TWO (2) lucky subscribers will each win a set of:
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Send in your entries now and good luck!

First single step: Babywearing Alesya

Journey of a thousand miles started and the first single step taken. Aku dah berjaya babywear Alesya..
Actually it quite some time jugak utk aku decide nak beli carrier apa utk babywear Alesya. (Since RS murah yang aku beli di babyjaya tu langsung tak besh!) At first, aku ingat nak beli wrap. Because that day aku main2 wrap Alesya ngan kain biasa dia ok. So i came across 1 mummy yang nak let go bamboo wrap. Dah berkira2 nak pecahkan tabung then fikir balik rasa tak confident. Apa lagi nak wrap in public. Bukan aku cekap lagi. Hai...tak dpt byg camna aku nak buat tu...maybe kalau Alesya besar skit ok kot. So cancel wrap.
Then, came across jumpsac luxury linen  wrap nih.

Ada mummy yang nak jual and i think price worth it. Since dat day yang aku decide nak beli tu ari rabu, aku rasa cam tak sempat nak sampai on khamis kalau pos pun since jumaat kan cuti wesak. Aku nak pakai on that weekend browse lagik...
Jumpak ler mummy yang nak let go RS nih

The best part, mummy nih just stay nearby my house. About 3 mins ride. So, terus ler aku TT duit and g ambik RS nih yang dah sah jadi milik aku. Hehheh....

OK, That the only first chapter, bab membeli. Skang nih nak pakai lah. Berpeluh2 lah jugak aku baca instruction, tgk youtube until confident nak wear Alesya. But, alhamdulillah Alesya very2 supportive. Aku pun syok lah membbwearkan dia. Cuma, majority mummy ckp anak tertido bila bbwear..Alesya so far asyik tgk keliling jer...tak penah tertdo dlm carrier...maybe tak biasa lagi kot....
Ok, so...first step dah step??? Mencari next carrier...hehahahha...yes, i am. Tgh survey for SSC!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Clean & Clear top model

Aku nak join model ke??? kekekekke
Model mak2 boleh lah..
Bukan join model..tolong war2kan pasal ni jer...
BTW, tolong ler klik sini kalau korang sayang aku n nak tau lebih lanjut psal model nih
vote utk aku ek..tq!

SUPER URGENT: Bagi yang mencari tempat utk buang bayi

Tak yah susah-susah nak cari tempat. Aku ada tempat.  Email aku budakbaling at yahoo dot com. Okey??
Aku tak layak menghukum atau menghina cuma aku harap dapat tolong selesaikan masalah korang and aku sangat2 sedih bila tgk bayi2 tak berdosa dibuang jer. Bagilah dia peluang utk hidup. K? PM aku tau..

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday retail theraphy

Yup..u read it right. Yesterday 3 of us went to retail theraphy..Kul 1.40 kuar rumah then reach home about 8.40. Sib baik Alesya tak buat perangai sangat. Dalam keta tido n breastfeed then bila sampai shopping complex hubby carry dia leh main2 n gelak2 ngan daddy dia. So mummy apa lagi...kiri kanan melilau cari barang. Hehehhe...
Ok lah, yesterday our first stop was Papa rich kat Kuchai Lama. Order 2 Papa chicken chop n warm water. After mkn jer terus ke destinasi. Hehhe...Kitorang g mybbstore. Beli apa ek?? Beli..

Dah beli 2 barang tp misi belum accomplish. So all of us menuju ke babyjaya kat uptown. Survey car seat actually. Then hubby still tak mao beli. Aku ambik kesempatan beli my first ring sling..heheh. Gambar nanti aku upload ok.
So kitorang terus menuju ke tesco kat mutiara damansara. Tak der car seat yang best pun. (hubby lah ckp car seat tesco murah dan ok. mana ada!). Then g brand outlet. Beli baju si Alesya. Ok gak ada 10% discount. Ambik 1 jean, 2 t-shirt, 1 gown, 1 pant, 1 romper = RM190. Malas nak update gambar
Lastly g semula ke babyjaya n beli car seat nih.

Terus dinner n balik. Hmmm..bleh hilang tension n kebosanan aku seminggu...
Itulah cerita retail theraphyku..hhehhe

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Make money online..buat duit di rumah

Barulah ku ketahuan camna diorg dok buat duit kat umah tu..aku ada try beberapa website..Ada yang best and ada yang tak best sangat. Yang penting sumanya free tak payah kuar duit kononnya untuk mendapat pulangan lebih besar. Takpa, biar lambat asalkan selamat lagipun aku bukan busy bebenor kat umah nih. So aku buat je lah..Nak tau ke apa xtvt aku? Seperti di bawah ni lah...Jom ler join together2...

1.JM Gold.
Yang ni akaun untuk emas and perak. Maksudnya kita ada gold bar and silver bar, pastu diorg akan byr  sewa ngan kita lah. Cam ni:
camna nak dptkan bar nih?  Ada 3 cara:
1) beli dr diorg pastu diorg bg 20% tu bulan2
2) refer org utk join..cukup 50 referal dpt 1 silver bar
3) klik kat advertisment yang dia bagi, cukup 1000 kali dapat 1 silver bar
Nak join or tau lebih lanjut jom klik sini . Tak kena bayar pun

2. Readbud
Yang ni aku suker...
Mula-mula baca artikel yang diberi, pastu 'rate' artikel tu..
Bagi lah berapa bintang yang deserve oleh artikel tu...
Tgk panjang artikel ler camna...
Dibayar $0.03-$0.10
Ni lah keje aku pagi-pagi sebelum Alesya bangun. Jom lah together2 utk yang nak cari side income

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lagi pasal BPA free bottle

Jumpak article nih tadi pasal BPA free bottle. Worth reading..

What You Need to Know About BPAs
by Alison Rhodes

Based on emerging scientific study, there has been a growing scrutiny and concern about products containing Bisphenol-A (BPA) and the health threat it poses for our children. BPA is a chemical used mostly in polycarbonate plastics (PC), which are used in: baby bottles, sippy cups, sports bottles, canned food/ formula lining, and jar food lids among other things. Many researchers and scientists believe it causes a wide range of health problems, including breast and prostate cancer, infertility, diabetes and brain damage.
While the FDA contends that polycarbonate plastics are not dangerous, major retailers such as Walmart and Toys R Us are phasing out all baby bottles and other feeding products that contain BPAs. Bottle manufacturers are also taking note of parent's concern. Earlier this year, Playtex distributed one million free samples of Playtex Drop-Ins Original Nurser Systems, which are free of BPAs. It also announced that the balance of the product line will be converted to BPA-free material by year end. Even Avent, who appears to be the last hold-out, has now released a bottle that is similar to Playtex Nurser Drop-In System. While the outer shell of the bottle is still polycarbonate, the liner is polyethylene, which is a safe plastic, and keeps the liquid from touching any part of the bottle.
So how do you know if you're bottle or other feeding products have BPAs in them? What's more, how do you eliminate BPA's from other products in your home?
Check the number: Look at the recycling symbol on the bottom of your bottle or sippy cup. Polycarbonate plastic is usually marked with a 7. It might sometimes have a PC next to it indicating polycarbonate. But, not all #7's have BPAs and it's almost impossible to know which ones do and don't. Unfortunately many items don't have a recycling symbol on them which means you'll have to call the manufacturer directly and ask them, search their website or check a website such as Z Recommends which reviews toys and infant products. In their Third Edition on BPA in Infant Care Products they have provided an exhaustive list of each manufacturer and the products that are BPA free. You can even send them a text message to find out information on a particular product.
Check the can: Most cans are lined with plastic that contains BPAs. That means that infant formula is at a high risk. When selecting a formula choose one that is in powdered form rather than liquid as liquid baby formula has some of the highest BPA levels of products tested.
The FDA contends that BPA is safe yet, as a mom, the nagging question remains; "Am I harming my child?" We all want what is best for our family and, if there are options available free of a particular chemical, most moms are saying "rather be safe than sorry."

Petua mengatasi rambut gugur

After deliver nih memang byk betul rambut yang gugur. Tengok rambut kat lantai naik juling mata aku. Cari-cari petua kat internet nih dapat ler beberapa untuk di try. Sapa yang ada masalah sama ngan aku jom lah try. Pastu sama-sama lah kita mengomen pada petua nih kalu tak berkesan..kekee
  • Air asam jawa + santan + bunga2an yg wangi...ramas2 then basuh rambut ngan campuran tsbt
    1. Tumbuk arang sampai lumat, letak minyak kelapa. Sapu pada seluruh rambut then biarkan selama 2 jam. Pastu cuci. Yang ni buat seminggu sekali jer cukup.
    2. 3 sudu besar teh masukkan dlm air mendidih. Pastu tapis. jgn masukkan gula n minum plak. Ok, air teh tanpa gula tu, dibancuh dgn serbuk inai n putih telur sampai sebati. Sapu kat kulit kepala n biarkan sampai 3 jam.  jgn tak cuci plak yer. Amalkan seminggu 2 kali
    3. Lidah buaya + bunga raya putih + daun bunga raya putih ramas or blender then letak kat kepala. Pastu bilas cam biasa.
    4. Ambik lemak ayam, masak sampai jadi minyak pastu sapu kat kepala. Sebaiknya time malam. confirm aku tak buat 

    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    Petua menghilangkan selsema bayi / newborn

    This week Alesya cam kena selsema skit..since baby below 2 years nih tak elok mkn ubat sgt so aku search lah utk petua-petua tradisional nih...
    Ni ler yang aku dpt:
    • Sapukan minyak pada ubun-ubun bayi ketika bayi hendak tidur - x try pun lagik. Tapi bukan minyak angin nih. Minyak selain minyak angin. Minyak kelapa ke apa ke..
    • Ambik beberapa tangkai daun sirih, picit sampai kuar lendir, pastu sapu kat hidung bb. - dah try tapi mcm tak ok sgt
    • Bagi baby makan sikit madu - ada byk pendapat ttg madu. Ada kata boleh bg. Ada kata tak boleh bagi sebab bleh menyebabkan allergic. So aku tak bagi. Madu pun tak dak kat umah aku.
    • Asah kunyit hidup and sapu kat hidung bb - Dah try...mujarab
    • sapu vicks di kedua-dua belah tapak kaki then pakaikan botees - Beli vicks for baby ok..normal one for toddler above 2 yrs.
    So far dah ok lah. Kadang-kadang kalau sejuk or hujan jer dia kena selsema balik. Sib baik lah. Aku kalau boleh nak elakkan lah kena g sedut kat klinik nih.
    Anyway, petua-petua nih memang helping. Try lah.

    aku jumpa produk selsema menggunakan bahan2 natural boleh digunakan bayi 3 bulan ke atas. mudah-mudahan dapat membantu kurangkan kegelisahan time anak selsema. kalau nak baca tengok sini

    Cara mandikan bayi??

    Topik ni kalau dibincangkan 4 bulan dulu...memang kepala aku berdenyut-denyut, tangan aku rasa kebas and mata aku tiba-tiba terbukak luas..kakakka..serius...memang aku tak pandai mandikan baby. In fact aku kekok pegang newborn!
    Aku second last in family and adik aku 3 thn beza ngan aku. So aku memang tak pernah babysit. Then nieces and nephews aku, aku main2 gitu jer time depa kecik..dah besar baru aku babysit. Dah preggy tu..mak aih risaunya aku. But then, bila dah deliver tiba-tiba terpandai lah pulak..
    Back to topik..jauh aku berjalann..kekek....time confinement kat umah mak aku..mandi Alesya pakai besen..mak aku n makcik yang urut aku mandikan
    Then, bila balik umah sendiri, aku tak pakai besen..aku mandikan ikut cara aku jer..camne?
    duduk atas stool kecik...
    lunjurkan kaki...
    kepala baby atas paha..kaki dia kat kaki aku...
    jirus air dari kaki sampai leher...sabun..
    then terbalikan so kepala dia mengadap bawah...sabun2 belakang badan dia n bum2 dia
    then dudukkan (not exactly duduklah) dia atas peha..cuci muka n kepala...settle!
    (korang imagine jer lah...nak letak gambar kang terlalu seksi..ku selak2 kain takut basah)
    Time Alesya sebulan dua tu senang nak mandikan dia..skang nih dah byk gerak and aksi..habislah suma lagu2 aku nyanyikan ngan suara merdu aku nak tarik perhatian dia suh sit still..heheh

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    Monday, May 17, 2010

    Tote Boutique Giveaway

    Cute kan beg ni..
    Free pulak
    Chop..ada lagi

    Yang ni pun free...

    Kalau nak...jom join giveaway Tote Boutique..
    Camna nak join??
    -Menjadi follower TOTE BOUTIQUE (Blog baru ini)

    -Membuat entry tentang giveaway ini di blog masing-masing
    -meninggalkan komen tentang entry anda
    -Pemilihan menggunakan RANDOM ORG
    -Period 14th May 2010 - 25th May 2010

    Nak tau lebih lanjut klik sini

    Get Paid To Read Emails. Free To Join Now!

    Lilin yang menerangi

    Kerana lilin yang menerangi itulah kita di sini hari ini.
    Aku harap tak terlambat lagi untuk aku ucapkan selamat hari guru utk suma cikgu-cikgi di Malaysia nih. Tanpa guru sapalah aku.
    Time sekolah dulu macam2 cikgu yang ada. Garang ada, lemah lembut ada..yang suka berlawak pun ada. Ada yang suka tanya soalan..kalau subjek aku tak gemar memang aku harap bleh jadi halimunan supaya tak yah kena jawab soalan. Tambah pulak kalau salah jawab kena berdiri..hehehe
    Kalau cikgu yang ajar subjek fakta cam sejarah kena plak time waktu2 hujung..memang kesian ek. Mata aku cam dah nak tertutup..Apa lah cikgu fikir ek..
    Cikgu zaman skang lagi lah susah. Zaman makin mencabar. Student kian advance dari segi knowledge and perangai. Kalau dulu tak buat keja sekolah alasan tinggal buku kat umah. Skang nih ntah2 kata pendrive rosak sebab tu tak leh save..hahha..manalah aku tau..dah lama tinggalkan sekolah.
    Apa pun..jasa cikgu terlalu besar. Sungguh aku terhutang budi pada yang mengajar dan berkongsi ilmu denganku

    Wednesday, May 12, 2010

    Hari Jururawat 2010

    Hmm...tak aware pun yesterday hari jururawat. Tadi baru terdengar diorg ckp kat TV. Anyway, selamat hari jururawat 2010 utk semua jururawat.
    Ckp psal nurse nih...memang ni salah satu tugas yang mulia. Yerlah jaga org yang sakit..mulia lah kan. U help people on their bad day. Bagi yang ikhlas tu hanya Allah saja yang boleh balas jasa korang.
    Tapi kan dolu2 nyer nurse sebab dulu tu aku kecik lagi sebab tu rasa cam tu??? Tak jugaklah kan..dolu2 diorg mcm tak friendly sgt...walaupun tak semua tapi selalu kan dgr komplen. Terutama dlm labor room nyer kes. Ramai tul aku dgr diorg ckp nurse lebih kurang jer. Gomen ler..pivate of course ler baik
    Skang nih...dah ada improvement dah aku rasa. Nurse pun ramai yang muda2. Good PR. Ari tu aku deliver kat gomen..semua pun baik and profesional.
    So sebab aku rasa ada improvement aku memang nak berterima kasih and wish diorg the best in their career. Namun dgn pesanan, kalu tak minat tak yah ler jadi nurse nih. Kalu tak ikhlas camner nak tunjuk muka manis n enjoy the job. Dah nama pun patient mestilah kena byk sabar ngan pesakit korang. Time sakit manusia ni kadang2 hilang petimbangan. Tul tak??

    Food during breastfeeding

    Memang susu ibu nih susu terbaik bagi baby and that's why mum nak kena jaga makanan so baby always get the best. Few things why pemakanan seimbang nih penting ketika BF. First, kalau kurang nutrien badan jadi lemah / letih sebab banyak simpanan tenaga dah habis ketika BF and susu pun jadi kurang. sebab ni lah aku selalu mkn berlebihan. But, sendiri mau ingat lah..kalau mkn lebih2 pulak, bila badan mau kurus daa..dah lah time pregnant asal teringin jer sumer makan...kekekke Ada byk pendapat ttg food supplement during BF nih. Ada kata perlu and ada kata tak. As kita sendiri yang tau cara pemakanan kita seimbang ke tak so buatlah pilihan sendiri. Antara food supplement yang dicadangkan
    - kalsium (aku minum segelas anmum lacta sehari kalau rajin. bukan apa takut reput gg n tulang...kakka.)
    - Vitamin A: (sumber: hati, sayur berdaun gelap, buah dan sayur berwarna oren) - aku tak ambik supplement nih sebab aku selalu mkn hati..kekke...siyes, laki aku tak der peluang aku belasah sumer
    - B kompleks (sumber: ikan, daging tanpa lemak, susu dan hati) aku rasa Bkomp aku cukup..pepandai jer
    - Vitamin C (tak mkn gak)

    p/s: Penting utk pelbagaikan kelas mknan. Ni boleh refer piramid makanan. Malas nak tempek kat sini.

    Tapi, aku ada ambik produk nih..namanya Neurogain. Ada DHA etc lah. Alah, minyak ikan sebenonye nih. Sebenarnya, laki aku lah ckp kalu bg FM kan ada tulis kat tin tuh DHA, AA and segala mcm kebaikan so dia tanya kalau susu ibu camna plak. Sebagai org yang tegar nak BF memang senang jer aku berjaya yakinkan laki aku tapi aku mkn gak neurogain nih sebab since preggy aku dah mkn. Hopefully baik utk IQ aku gak. Dah terlambat lah..

    Selain suma food supplement tu, paling penting kena minum byk air lah. At least 8-10 gelas. Baru lah penghasilan BM berjalan lancar.

    I love and enjoy BF! Sebab BM ni memang custom made utk baby kita...and i love to eat oso sebab tu ko buat entry ni kan?

    Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    Life in Fab lane: my way

    Bosan lak ngan CSI sebab tak ada new season except for aku layan Kimora Lee plak. Tgk cara hidup orang kaya. Best jugak. bila ko nak kaya nih?
    Aku pun berangan lah..kalau lah si kimmora nih bagi aku 1 juta apa aku nak buat ek?? buat buang masa pikir..ko ingat nak dpt ke?
    Sebelum dpt aku dah buat plan bagai...Ni plan aku..kekek
    1) Nak beli umah cash - landed property lah
    2) Nak completekan umah ngan perabot n hiasan (cuma tema belum dapat)
    3) Nak g jenjalan
    4) Nak bukak business kecil-kecilan
    5) Nak belanja family aku makan2
    6) Nak sedekah
    7) Nak simpan

    Mudah jer kan hidup ni kalau banyak duit? Tak jugak. Aku tengok si kimora tu idup dia sibuk n memenatkan. Walaupun pekerja ramai tapi masa rehat and bersenang lenang memang tak der lah..
    Betul cakap kawan aku, duit bukan segalanya tapi segalanya perlu duit sekarang nih. Aku bersyukur ngan rezeki yang ada dan sentiasa berusaha nak menambah kalau ada peluang.

    tapi kalau ada sapa2 nak bagi aku sejuta..cepat2 email aku k...hehehhe

    Free tupperware steamer

    Want tupperware stuff?? Here we have...steamer

    wanna know how to get it for free??
    simply click here...
    but before that..u need to guess how much is DAMASAK BEDSHEET..
    i guess it cost RM69.90..betul tak tuan umah??

    ok..anyway, wish me luck!
    p/s this entry for giveaway in

    Monday, May 10, 2010

    A Giveaway: Win Cloth Diapers from baby-mel & Knickernappies!

    CD free kawan-kawan..cute kan CD gitu...sesuwaaii sgt utk Alesya

    Kalau nak jom lah join giveaway nih: Details as below

    Giveaway date is from 11th MAY 2010 until 11th JUNE 2010.

    Open to those with Malaysian addresses only!
    How to Win?
    Doing ALL of these below will be considered as ONE(1) entry. (Any incomplete entries will not be counted, so make sure you do each and every one! ):
    Subscribe to Cloth Diaper Malaysia via E-mail or Feeds.
    Become a Fan of Cloth Diaper Malaysia’s on Facebook (by clicking the “Like” button). *If you don’t have Facebook, do any one of the “Additional Entries” below instead*
    Send an E-mail to us with the title: “Knickernappies Giveaway”. Include your full name, Facebook/Google account name (if necessary), stating that you have done all of the above. Also mention if you have any extra entries as below.
    Drop a comment below to inform me that you have sent us your e-mail!
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    Extra 3 entries: Write about this giveaway on your website/blog, and insert the image code for the “We Love Cloth Diapers” button in that blog post (the code is located on the right sidebar of this website).

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    *Bonus!!* Extra 1 entry for EACH password you submit: Search for hidden “passwords” in blog posts published on Cloth Diaper Malaysia during the duration of this Giveaway. To start it off, there’s one password hidden somewhere in this post: Baby-mel – Featured Shop of April. Can you find it?

    *Don’t forget to include in your e-mail to us: your Facebook/Google account, & the passwords that you have collected if you have done any of the above (whichever is relevant)*
    It’s easy peasy isn’t it? The more things you do, the higher the chance of you being selected as the winner! Hope you have fun giving this Giveaway a try – you might just be the owner of a brand new Knickernappies diaper! Good luck to you!
    This Giveaway is sponsored by Knickernappies & Please drop by their websites for more information about their products.
    *NOTE: Winners of Giveaway must submit three (3) pictures of their baby in Knickernappies diaper to reserves the right to use the pictures for future promotional purposes on their website.*

    Nak tau banyak lagi? Klik kat sini

    Tips memperbanyakkan susu ibu

    This few days notice BM berkurangan. So carik2 petua menambahkan BM. Dapatlah petua2 nih dari
    1) Menambahkan kekerapan penyusuan - stimulate breast to produce more milk
        (Masalahnya Alesya dah geram sebab dia nak minum tak banyak BM so dia uwaaa)
    2) Mengambil herba atau makanan tambahan cth:
         - soya
         - spirulina (tadak budget nak beli)
         - halba (fenugreek) - masukkan dlm kari
         - habbatus sauda (belum ada budget)
         - Herba Shatavari(asparagus recemos) dari Himalaya (tak cukup tambang nak g himalaya..kekeke)
         - lobak putih
         - brokoli (makan tapi tak cukup berkesan)
    3) Pengambilan cecair yang mencukupi dalam bentuk minuman berkhasiat, susu atau air kosong (memang diamalkan)

    Actually aku ingat nak beli pil2 di bawah nih
    then baru teringat yang aku still ada pil nona roguy yang aku tak makan ari tu psal Alesya kembung kalau aku
    makan. Then aku try makan alhamdulillah Alesya ok jer and susu pun bertambah. Cuma...pukul 4 pagi aku kena bangun g cari dr. tan. Tapi dah tau dah...After 12 jam memang membuang so dah adjust time...hehhe....
    Aku bersyukur sangat sebab dah BF Alesya for 3 and half month now. Disebalik onak dan duri dipermudahkan jugak untuk aku BF anak aku. Harap2 bleh lah BF sampai setahun at least.

    Sararisa-craft giveaway

    Giveaway lagik...hambik ko...segala giveaway aku join. Jom..yang nih sapa nak join klik lah sini.

    Syarat nak join?? Baca bawah...
    ~ add blog sararisa-craft ke dlm blog list anda dan jadilah follower
    ~ copy gambar diatas,buat entri khas dan letak link blog sararisa-craft
    ~ tinggalkan link anda dan jejak anda di ruangan komen entry ini sahaja.
    ~ tarikh tutup contest ini ialah 18 MAY 2010 pada pukul 8mlm

    Nak tau hadiah???

    ~ 1 helai tudung bawal korea
    ~ 1 pek DIY felt (card holder)
    ~ 1 framed quilling pattern
    ~ 1 pc felt hp strap
    ~ fridge magnet - london
    ~ 12pc novelty button
    ~ 20pc button
    ~ 6pc crystall heart shape
    ~ 4pc crochet flower
    ~20pc pearl flatback heart
    ~ 3pc emblishment flower

    January lalu..

    Belek-belek memang sah tak ada lagi entry ceritera aku give birth to Alesya. Hmm...tarik napas dulu...fuhh...wokey...baik aku mulakan...kekekke
    9 bulan pregnant Alesya memang everything fine except of morning sickness on first trimester and oso aku kena darah tinggi (PIH). Besides, sebab first experience aku very concern on her movement, my food, nutrien etc. Habih citer pregnant..then sampailah masa nak deliver. Time ni aku kat umah mak aku di kg. EDD Alesya on 22/1/2010. Aku langsung tak der rasa apa-apa. But since aku nih PIH, aku kena admit on my EDD untuk di inducekan. So pagi2 22/1 tu aku pun pi lah spital. After admit, g buat ultrasound then masukkan first pil. Still ok tak der rasa apa2. Bila hubby aku visit during lunch aku leh lagi riak tu kata macam tak masukkan apa2 ubat pun. Tak da rasa. tunggu kau...
    Pastu masukkan 2nd n third still tak bukak. mlm tu rest ler sebab diorg masukkan 3 kali jer per day. The next day pun sama but this time dah rasa sakit. Bila check dah bukak 3cm. Terus masuk labor room. Around 2pm aku masuk labor room then dr pecahkan air ketuban. OMG! memang sakit betul after dr pecahkan air tu. Rasa kecik jer dr tu depan mata aku. But still manageble lah sakit tu. After 4 hours, nurse check still bukak 3cm. Then aku rasa very down sebab dok tahan sakit ingatkan dah ada progress. Aku suruh nurse panggil hubby masuk and aku start sedut oksigen. Mak aku call hubby sempat aku mintak maaf sumer ngan mak aku.
    Siap aku mintak nak operate tu sebab tak tahan sakit. Baru padan muka ko! Then aku rasa nak pass motion. Suruh hubby panggil nurse. Diorg masuk tgk dah nampak rambut. Tibalah masa utk push. Then hubby update lah every time aku push dah nampak muka etc..etc..btw, siap nurse ckp i know the techniques eventho tak pi kelas pun. Hmm....
    Tepat pukul 10.40 23/1/2010..uwwweeekkk...eeekk...camtu lah lebih kurang tangisan pertama Alesya. Rasa hilang segala macam kesakitan. Then bila nurse letakkan Alesya atas dada aku, rasa terharu sangat and oso ada rasa cam blur jugak...tul ke dah ada baby nih..brain aku baru nak upgrade aku rasa
    Then, nurse tu sempat lah ckp kena take care of my body n healthiest way to get pregnant after 2 yrs. Aku ok kan jer. tapi dlm hati sempat aku i dont want anymore..hahahha...tapi perasaan tu dah hilang sikit demi sikit.
    After semua prosedur, nurse bagi aku pil utk PIH. Then aku baring atas katil bagi Alesya kolestrumku. Pastu bila nak bgn aku berpinar2 nak pitam. Check BP aku 40/80.Dah kena tekanan darah rendah pulak. Aku tak ingat lah diorg buat apa...Maybe disuruh rehat jer kot..
    After long rest baru leh kuar. Around 2 am. Being 12 hours dlm labor room....apa yang boleh aku kata, tangisan pertama memang membahagiakan tapi datang beserta tanggungjawab. Ni lah pengalaman pertama yang aku sure takkan ada lagi yang sama dan seistimewa ni aku harap next one mudah skit sebab dah ada jalan kekeke

    Sunday, May 9, 2010

    May 2010 Blog Giveaway (lin handmade)

    Ada giveaway lagik.....jom join! Kali nih kat blog lin yang buat handmade greeting card. Jom ah tengok blog lin kat sini. Cute sumer kad yang dia buat. Lagipun card yang handmade ni selalu penerima rasa more special and the card is personalized sebab ada special touch. Tak macam printing card. Mana-mana pun bleh dpt. Rasa nak sambar satu tapi birthday hubby november nun. Kalau dapat hadiah giveaway lagi baeekk...kekekke..cuma bukan utk hubby ler utk occasion lain. kalau menang baru citer ah

    Nak tau lagi banyak pasal giveaway ni baca ler kat bawah.

    May 2010 Blog Giveaway!!!

    Hello my lovely readers! It is that time of the month again when I hold a monthly blog giveaway for my loyal readers :) For this month, since it is the month of May, month number that means there will be 5 lucky winners who will be chosen this time around. Those 5 lucky winners will be receiving each one a pop up card  just like the photo you see above. As you all know, recently I made a poll at my blog to find out and also to help me decide on what type of card that you would like to win for this month's blog giveaway. As the poll ended, it shows that the most wanted or most desired card by my lovely readers is the Love Theme Card!!! It's a clear winner!! So, this really helps me decide what card I should be making and giving away to you! Yup! I prefer to give something that you would love to have rather than give away something to you just for the sake of giving. :)

    Prize for May 2010 Blog Giveaway:
    Size of card - 10.5cm x 21cm

    Rules on how to participate in this blog giveaway is quite simple. Just follow the guidelines below to entitle yourself as a participant.

    Here is how you can win this lovely card. You can earn an entry by following the simple steps below....

    1. You must "FOLLOW" this blog / "BE A FOLLOWER" . If you are already a follower, then you can
        straight away follow the next step below.

    2. Leave a comment on this post. You  must write a comment or give suggestions regards to my card blog.
        Be sure to also write your name and your valid/active email address at your comment.

    3. You must write about this blog giveaway at your own respective blog and include the photo you see above
         in it as well. Then, link your post to this blog giveaway.  Add the URL link of your blog post in your
        comment so that I can go and visit and read your post at your respective blog.

    Ok! Those are the simple things that you need to do in order to get an entry in this blog giveaway. Those who fail to follow will not be included in the lucky draw list. This giveaway ends on the 25th of May 2010 at 11.59pm. I'm giving more time and chance for more people to participate! So that's why I'm ending this giveaway on the last week of May. 5 lucky winners will be chosen by a lucky draw. The name of the winners will be announced on the 26th of May 2010......All the best of luck to all participants! Thank you!!! :)


    Entry khas untuk mak

    Selamat hari ibu buat Puan Hjh. Marzeni Bt. Man. Ibu yang mengandung, melahir, menyusu, cuci poo-poo, pee, ajar mengaji dan etc etc. Pengorbanan ibu tiada nilainya. Andai dapat ku undur putaran dunia, pasti aku akan dengar ckp mak aku dan tak lukakan hati mak aku. Dah jadi ibu baru tau..sakitnya hati kalau anak kata 'oh' sekalipun..
    Alesya tak pandai ckp lagi. So tak dpt wish lagi tahun ni..hehhe. Tapi dah tgk senyum Alesya pun jadilah. Aku wish diri aku sendiri lah buat pertama kali 'selamat hari ibu untukku..kekkee'
    Sempena hari ibu jugak, aku teringat nasihat ustazah aku time dolu2...Ust. Fatimah nama dia (arwah dah), dia nasihat lah...walau camna marah pun kat anak never ever ucapkan kata2 yang tak elok cam "jahat sungguh budak ni, ikut perangai sapa lah" etc etc. Sebab ckp mak kan doa so kalau tercakap tu mustajab doa..kan dah tak elok. so dia suruh la kata anak bertuah ka cam tu instead of sarcastic word tu..(peringatan utk diriku sendiri nih). Dan aku harap mak aku sentiasa doakan yang baik utkku jugak.

    So, selamat hari ibu utk kawan2ku yg dah bergelar ibu. Moga kita semua jadi ibu yang baik. Doa aku sempena hari ibu ni semoga bila aku dah tiada lagi akan sampai doa kepadaku dari anakku.

    Saturday, May 8, 2010

    "Mama Ada Blog"~1st Birthday Giveaway

    "Mama Ada Blog"~1st Birthday Giveaway

    Pejam celik pejam celik tau-tau dah dekat setahun rupanya aku berblog ni.So bagi meraikan ulangtahun pertama blog aku ni pada 8 May 2010,aku ngan gumbiranya nak adakan satu giveaway.First time ni nak wat giveaway.Syarat-syarat nya mudah saja..
    Mesti jadi follower blog ni...paksaan ni
    Pastu kalau boleh add la link blog ni dalam bloglist korang..senang nak tau sebarang update dari aku :P
    Tinggalkan link blog anda di ruangan komen di entry ni.. Itu je syaratnya...tak perlulah korang nak pening-pening kepala nak wat entry segala bagai,nak upload gambar ataupun letak banner kat blog...kalau nak wat entry gak...dipersilakan...hehehe...5 Pemenang akan dipilih melalui cabutan bertuah dengan menggunakan khidmat Mr.

    My wish giveaway contest 503020

    Nak berjinak-jinak ngan contest. Nampak contest nih..
    Mai pakat-pakat join. Klik sini

    Ok yan a.k.a tuan tanah, utk hadiah RM50, saya nak:
    -bpa free bottle

    -coolababy cloth diapers

    -soft toys

    Friday, May 7, 2010

    Semanis kurma

    Kemarin tgk semanis kurma, beberapa doa diberikan so aku share-share sini k..

    Doa utk dptkan anak cemerlang yang soleh/solehah:
    amalkan surah toha ayat 70
    n oso doa nabi sulaiman (surah al anbia' ayat 79)
    p/s: aku tak dpt cari ler imej ayat2 nih
    kalu ada nanti aku tempekkan kat sini
    apapun, selamat beramal..

    Mei’s Mei Tai Contest

    Would you like win your very own CUSTOM MADE Mei’s Mei Tai for FREE??
    To celebrate the month of May = Mei we shall have our very first contest, yeay! ..
    Grand prize:
    Your very own Custom Made Mei’s Mei Tai!
    2 lucky finalist
    40% Mei’s Mei Tai discount vouchers (applicable for custom made mei tai only)
    Facebook Fan Deal:
    If we hit 1000 fan by the deadline; 20% discount on all Custom Made/Instock Mei’s Mei Tai for all for orders made between the month of May ~ July 2010.
    What you need to do:
    Choose your Mei Tai strap from our strap color selection available in our gallery.
    Design you Mei Tai panel using any fabrics in our panel/hood gallery or shambijoux store (**couldnt find what you like? fabric not listed? email us, we might be able to help)
    Design your own Mei Tai hood, (options: reversible/non reversible, hoodie/normal hood, mesh hood). Fabric maybe the same as the panel, or other matching design.
    Give your Mei Tai a name.
    Tell us why you should be the lucky winner through your blog/twitter/facebook that link back to us (
    Email to us with the subject: (Contest; *your mei tai’s name*):
    Your Mei Tai design (no we don’t ask you to draw :p) just email to us (meismeitai at gmail dot com) your fabric selection & how you want the Mei Tai to be.
    The link to your blog/twitter/Facebook
    *Multiple entries allowed but, each entry cannot have the same reason why you should win the Custom Made Mei’s Mei Tai. Please send one email per submission.
    Submission must reach us before 1st May 2010.
    EXTENDED!! new submission date is on Mother’s Day 9th May 2010.
    The requirement:
    We made it easy! Just become our fan on facebook and shout about this contest!
    How we select the winner:
    We will select the winner base on the most creative design + the reason why you should win the mei tai
    Winner to be announced on 18th May 2010 (my wedding anniversary )
    Good luck!!
    Mei @ Mei’s Baby Carrier

    My mei tai name would be hug of love.

    Why should i win??
    - Because i am babywearer virgin whom looking for best option to wear my baby. Due to tight budget, i have to let go my desire of owning own mei tai. If you looking for someone who will be very grateful, excited with new experience and happy with your mei tai then you definately have found the right one here!

    Wednesday, May 5, 2010

    BPA bottle..prihatinkah kita?

    Baca pasal baby bottle yang ada BPA ni risau lak aku. Skang nih Alesya pakai botol Dr. Brown tp BPA bottle bukan BPA free. Ingat nak beli botol baru ujung bulan nih. Meh usha skit pasal BPA bottle nih.

    Apa tu BPA?
    Bisphenol A, commonly abbreviated as BPA, is an organic compound with two phenol functional groups. It is a difunctional building block of several important plastics and plastic additives
    Suspected of being hazardous to humans since the 1930s, concerns about the use of bisphenol A in consumer products were regularly reported in the news media in 2008 after several governments issued reports questioning its safety, and some retailers have removed products containing it from their shelves. A 2010 report from the FDA raised further concerns regarding exposure of fetuses, infants, and young children.

    Kesan kalu pakai botol BPA ni apa lak?
    For boys penurunan penghasilan sperma, penambahan berat prostat, dan kanser testis Sementara pada perempuan, BPA berpotensi mengakibatkan ketidaknormalan perkembangan endometrium yang dapat menyebabkan infertiliti serta meningkatkan risiko terkena kanser payudara. Anak-anak, terutama bayi yang masih dalam kandungan dan bayi yang baru lahir, berisiko tinggi terhadap bahan kimia tersebut.

    Camna nak tau BPA free ke tak botol tu?
    - tgk label
    - kaler (selalu honey kaler)
    - rasa so far yang BPA free kat M'sia nih brand tupperware, pureen, avent, mam (ikut botol bukan ikut brand)
    - ada tag recycle no. 5 atau PP

    Hmm..kalau dah terbeli tu make sure tak calar ek botol tu. Kalau calar baek ler tukau sebab takut susu tercemar ngan BPA. Aku pun nak tukau ler utk Alesya. Maybe ujung bulan kot sebab dia pun jarang gak ler menyusu pakai botol. Skang jer kerap skit. Dulu direct jer.

    Ringsling & Wrap shop list in Malaysia

    Tak habih2 lagi ke baby wearing?? Nampak gayanya cam tu lah Kak Tipah oii sampai lah aku beli selepas dah puas membuat homework. "bila gamaknya tu??hehhe". So hari ni nak list down blog or e-shop yang jual RS & Ringsling supaya leh buat perbandingan n tgk kalau2 diorg ada offer baeek punya. List ni aku hambik dr MBW website

    Where to get RS
    tinytapir + showroom

    where to get wrap
    tinytapir + showroom

    Tuesday, May 4, 2010

    Mari menambah koleksi CD

    Yesterday g paed clinic sebab alesya dah 4 hari tak poo2. Since she on xclusive BF dr ckp nothing to worry. Balik dr clinic dah selamat poo2 sebab dr dah stimulate bum2 with vaselin. hehehhe...

    But, alesya ada rashes kat bum2. Mummy mmg dah notice n letak drapolene tp tak ok gak. Ni sebab mlm alesya on DD. CD yang mummy ada tak cukup utk nak go fully CD. For now cuma ada 6 CD jer. So apa lagi ini lah peluang utk menambah CD. Apapun..survey betul2 before beli. 6 CD nih suma inner fleece blum ada ingat nak try bamboo lak..bamboo inner bukan insert sebab kelebihan bamboo nih:
    - sesuwai utk bb kulit sensetip nih (make sure bum-bum kena bamboo bukan kena fleece)
    - lebih lembut, ringan n sejuk
    - lebih serapan (3-4 x lebih dr fabrik kapas)
    - anti bakteria (so x bau busuk)
    - anti statik (12x lebih dr kapas)
    cuma kelemahannya lambat kering n nak kena lebih pre wash n kena cuci asing dr CD lain.
    Dua brand di hati sekarang ialah (berdasarkan budget aku and review yg dibaca):
    1) Coolababy charcoal bamboo
    - product baru nih. Panas lagi..kekekke
    - rupanya macam gini...

    harga around RM35.00 to RM40.00

    2) Bamboolite

    -Ni pun cam bagus. Serapan pun ramai kata ok

    - Harga around RM50.00

    p/s nak try ok ke tak beli satu jer dulu n try. kalu sesuwai baru beli berapa longgok yang nak dibeli. Sesuai nih dari segi cutting ngan bb, ada rashes ke or any other prob.

    sling me mummy..cont

    uihhh..tak habih lagi entry psai baby wearing kemarin...baru aku dok kaji psai ring sling (RS) and wrap. Dok kaji budget n cara pakai sebenarnya. Baru bleh decide. BTW, besides RS & wrap ada lagi

    3) Mei Tai

    MT nih di ambil dr asia carrier lah. Chinese style. Ada kan selalu tgk gambar cina dolu2 yang mak carry anak mcm nih. Tapi yang nih fabric cantik lah. Ada butik yang custom made. Cuma mahal skit. Sesuwai utk bb besar skit (yang dah stable with head control) so aku tak plan nak beli lagi. Lagipun aku tak suka sgt carry anak kat belakang aku.

    4) Pouch
    Pouch nih tak dak dlm plan aku gak. Sebab pouch ni ada saiz. Ikut saiz org nak carry bb tu. Means saiz aku, aku dan org seangkatan aku ja lah leh carry alesya. Laki aku saiz lain sebab tinggi skit tak leh lah nak pakai pouch ni. Rugi ler camtu. Ari tu ada nampak kat mothercare RM90.00 kot. Tapi sweet jer carry pakai pouch nih. Or maybe mak n baby kat bwh ni yg sweet kot..heheh

    5) Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)
    Ni sesuwai utk daddy jer. Tak berapa nak feminin sgt. Tapi jgn salah anggap SSC ni sama ngan crotch carrier lak. Crotch carrier ni yang dok jual di departmental store tu. Ni bukan baby wearing and not spinal friendly oso even ada yang mencapai harga beratus2. SSC nih tak menyebabkan kaki bayi tergantung dan menyebabkan berat berpusat ke bawah n menekan spinal. SSC baby cam duduk dlm tu n bum-bum akan rendah dr lutut. so berat g ke bum2 mcm duduk biasa...

    Huih letih den menaip nih. Byk lagi sebenarnya...korang leh g web MBW utk lagi byk info. Sumer otai2 ada sana. Aku pun baru terkedek2...takpa...slow n steady win the race. :-)

    Monday, May 3, 2010

    Sling me mummy lah kegemaran terbaru aku....aku skang dah gila breastpump, cloth diapers and latest is sling.
    Ramai yang tak tau sangat lagi menda alah sling (gendong bayi??..alangkah tak glemernya) nih...jom share2...
    Sling nih kain yang kita guna utk carry baby tu ler..pemakaian kain nih kita panggil baby wearing. Sling nih ada macam-macam jenis..Dan kebaikan pakai sling nih adalah seperti petikan dari buku "The Baby Book" by William and Martha Sears):
    1) It's convenient. You can breastfeed discretely in a sling while working, getting things done around the house, shopping or eating in a restaurant. If you have a baby who wants to be held all the time, this is an easy way to meet her needs while doing other things.
    It helps moms care for older siblings. Carrying your baby in a sling can give you the mobility to care for your older children.
    2) It helps some babies to breastfeed better. Some babies, particularly those who are tense or tend to arch their backs, breastfeed better while moving. Also, babies who are slow to gain weight (for no apparent reason) have been known to gain better if carried in a sling for several hours a day, since proximity to mom encourages babies to eat more frequently.
    3) It reduces crying and colic. A 1986 study of 99 mother-infant pairs (reported in Pediatrics) showed that carrying babies at least three hours a day reduces crying and fussing 43% during the day and 51% at night. Babies are happier because they have less need to cry, and parents enjoy their babies more as a result.
    4) It enhances learning. Carried babies have enhanced visual and auditory alertness, and increased "quiet alertness" times. Carrying a baby promotes cognitive development and speech development, since babies are exposed to more experiences and conversations.
    Carried babies are involved in their parents' world. They participate in life, rather than see it as a spectator.
    Carrying your baby promotes bonding and enhances parents' feelings of competence. A higher frequency of feeding and touching stimulates mothering hormones, and frequent carrying encourages and speeds the development of a mutual reading of each other's cues.

    Okeh, berbalik pada jenis2 sling nih
    1) Ring sling

    -ni ler yang aku minat nak beli nih (harga between 69.00 sampai beratus ler). Harga dia berbagai2..tgk jenis kain. Ada nylon, cotton, silk etc...tgk budget ler..suri umah cam aku nih nak kain bagus tapi murah so sebab tu tak beli lagik..still search the best deal

    2) Wrap
    -wrap nih, ko bleh g beli kain 4.5m ke camtu pastu tgk video wrap sendirik..kena ada skill baru leh wrap nih. Aku minat gaks yang nih...*sumer lah ko minat liza oii* tapi tgk memikirkannya...nak beli kain pun nak tgk jenis...ramai yang beli kat oversea kain2 nih..

    alesya dah bgn..nak minum be continue k

    Blog disclaimer

    This is my personal blog. All opinions and thoughts expressed in this blog are represented my own, and not those of people, institutions or organizations that I may or may not be related with my opinions.

    My opinions maybe change from time to time as I come to learn more and develop my understanding about the things or issues that I have posted.

    Quotations cited or image from the other reference/sites, comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks are owned by their respective owners. I disclaim any responsibility for their contents.

    Journey of thousand miles begin with the first step

    Haduih...panjang tui tajuk entry aku nih. Aku dah mencucuk botox skit kat blog haku nih. Nampak lah ok sket..walaupun belum transform penuh lagi..just take the first step. Baru bertatih..kekekke...Apa-apa komen silalah tulis jer...
    Talking of bertatih nih..meh aku ceritakan skit progress anak aku si alesya...hmm, baby alesya dah masuk 3 bulan 11 hari. Dah meniarap 25 April ari tu. Skang nih sat2 nak meniarap..kadang2 berjaya, kadang2 tak pun...
    Before this si alesya nih tak mau minum EBM, maksudnya BM yang aku perah masuk dlm botol. Nak minum terus dari mummy..but now tak mau lak camtu, nak dari botol laks...dah la tak der stok (malas nak wat stok sebab dia tak minum pun)...fenin mummy
    Baby alesya dah pandai tunjuk perangai skit dah la nih..kalau lambat bawakkan susu..mau jerit gak..tapi senyuman dia buatkan lupa semua masalah..
    Skang nih malam baby alesya tak bangun untuk main2 lagi dah...bangun nenen n tido balik..tak bukak mata pun..
    Pampers dah pakai saiz M. Baju pun dah pakai saiz M. Saiz S still bleh pakai cuma dah nampak aura-aura ketat ler..hehehhe...Lupa nak update, my baby weight as per last visit to clinic 5.5kg.
    Satu benda yang tak sama ngan mummy alesya prefer stay at home dari kuar jalan2. Tu yang den lomah tu...hehehe kuar jalan balik umah mesti dia buat perangai. yer lah baby kecik letih kot..atau tak selesa dlm stroller..maybe