Wednesday, November 4, 2009

7 mths preggy

Alhamdulillah...dah masuk 7 mths preggy. Another 2 mths to go. Bila toleh belakang tgk balik ari pertama tau preggy (so sweet) sampai skang nih rasa dah jauh berjalan tapi masa pantas berlari..
Skang dah tak ada muntah2 macam first trimester..makan pun suma dah bleh belasah..kekeke..tak dak ngidam2 dah..kalau dulu asyik laksa jer nak mkn..kari nak bau pun tak leh...skang suma dah ok..
Hopefully semua akan berjalan dgn mudah..doakan yang terbaik utk i and baby k...
Share skit what happen in this week (28 weeks)
By 28 weeks pregnant your baby is 14.8 inches or more! She weighs in at about 2.2 pounds during pregnancy at 28 weeks!
Baby's Growth and Development
Up until now if you were to look at your baby's brain during your pregnancy week by week it would appear smooth. By about 28 weeks pregnant however this changes, as the brain starts to mature and form grooves that we commonly associate with a human brain. Your baby may also be growing longer hair on her head by pregnancy at 28 weeks, though many babies will come out bald at birth. Others will be born with lovely locks of hair that will fall out and even change color some time after delivery.
Your baby should also be sprouting eyelashes by pregnancy 28 weeks, which will blink repeatedly if you were to shine a bright light on your belly.
Mummy Growth and Development
By pregnancy 28 weeks your uterus measures at least 3 inches above your bellybutton, or is approximately 28 cm tall. You should be steadily gaining weight from pregnancy week 28 and beyond.
Changes in Mummy
After tracking your pregnancy week by week for so long, you are probably anxious to begin the third trimester, which is just a week away. Women who have tested Rh-negative will receive an injection of a substance called RhoGAM during week 28 of their pregnancy. This substance will protect you from becoming sensitized should your baby's blood mix with yours during pregnancy. This one injection will actually provide protection through the end of your pregnancy up until delivery.
Though your baby only has 2 to 3 percent body fat by twenty eight weeks pregnant and weighs only slightly more than 2 pounds, by now you may have gained as much as 24 pounds. Remember that all this weight helps cushion and nourish your newborn baby until the time of delivery.
It might help to massage your legs often from 28 pregnancy weeks on out during your pregnancy. Many women experience leg cramps, itching and swelling at this point in their pregnancy. After this week your health care provider will likely change your appointment schedule from once per month to once every two weeks. This will typically continue through week 36, when you will start having weekly appointments until the time of delivery.
If no one has suggested a baby shower yet, someone likely will in the next few weeks. A baby shower is a wonderful way to welcome your pending arrival and spoil yourself a little bit in the last few weeks of your pregnancy. Some women find themselves with not one but several offers for a baby shower. If that is the case suggest several of your girlfriends or family members work together to throw you a one of a kind baby shower. There is nothing wrong with having co-hosts or several helpers involved in a shower.
You might also think about stocking up for some supplies for the nursery at this point in time. You never know when your little one might decide to make their appearance into the world, and should they come early you don't want to find yourself completely empty handed. This is a great time to set up the nursery because you are still small enough to get around relatively easily (but remember no heavy lifting!). Some women prefer not to have a shower or set up the nursery until the baby actually arrives. This works very well too, particularly if you invite some people over to help set up the nursery for you while you are recuperating from delivery.
Many women decide to set up a nursery with a specific theme or color scheme. One of the best parts of having a baby in fact is deciding just how to decorate the nursery. There are literally dozens of colors and ideas to choose from.

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