Monday, August 9, 2010

Sharing baby toys???

Apa pendapat korang berkongsi mainan bayi anda dgn bayi orang lain??
Suka ke tak suka?? Or terpaksa suka?
Yer...ada pengalaman orang main ambik jer toys Alesya bagi kat anak dia...
Ada beberapa reasons aku tak suka untuk berkongsi toys Alesya buat masa sekarang nih
- Toys sharing ni the easiest way to spread germs..she just 7 months so aku risau dia mudah dpt penyakit
- She will put everything in her mouth in this age..we don't know what other baby handle before play with our toys rite
- Some toys material not suitable for repeat wash...
- some toys quite pricey..budak2 main tau jer lah

however, bila Alesya dah become toddler i will definitely teach her sharing concept. But not now ok...
Camna kalau your relative, neighbour or friend nak share toys yer?
Hmmm....tricky question...
we can always say NO
or at least wipe / disinfect before every usage

susah gak nak ckp i tak share my baby toys....sorry...

Aku tau mesti org ckp patut ler Alesya not share her toys
Her mom teach her so...kekekke
Ada aku kesah???

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