Thursday, September 23, 2010

She's turned 8 months and I'll be 30

Title explained it all kan???
Alesya turned 8 months yesterday. time flies.
How her progress??
- Exploring whole house now. Will move in her walker from kitchen to bedroom. She will open drawers, hide under dining table..heheh
- Know how to do smelly face expression
- Not yet crawl, but going to...soon.
- Eat no baby cereal nor biscuits. Only home made porridge. Erm..

I dunno her current weight as her next check up will be on next month however i see that she doing fine. Good appetite. Yeah...she bring cheers to our life. will be the last day for me in my 20's. Will turned 30 tomorrow.
Age is just a number right?? (i'm in denial mode)


wana said...

age is just a number..tau pun..hehehe..

wahhh alesya is growing up!!

enjoy ur life liza!!

Shiela Latif said...

weeee...umur kita same same lahhhh....

Jojoe said...

rilex arr liza..aku ni awai tahun lagi dah masuk 30 tau..sorang anak pun takder lagi..hehehe... umur hanya angka..wajah..?? iklan safi rania lak..kikiki

mama qistina said...

tak lama lagi ai juga akan jadi seperti u jugak...jadi mari kita hadapi detik yang indah ini...sebelum 30