Monday, July 5, 2010

Finding the right one last i got chance to post this entry. First because Alesya dah pusing2 sana sini. So, risau jugak. Kalau dia tido baru ler ada peluang. Second, coz we are busy finding house. Oh yes, we are looking for landed property right. Last nite ada visit one house so rasa mcm dah jumpa...the right one. Second hand house @ puchong kinrara.

Why second hand house??
- new project for landed property beyond our budget
- normally new project will be in new area. want to be in place where we familiar with
- takut jadi project terbengkalai
- dah tak sabar nak move in kalau projek baru kena tunggu
- dah tau sapa neighbour and tau how the sorrounding

and the list go on...

however, still finalising the decision..nak nego price, nak survey neighbour and oso how the environment there. house okay, but of course need to spend some money for renovation. owh..have to save every single penny.

will update if we decide to go for this house

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