Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Love to Touch My...........

Dear Diary,

Remember i told you about my new company policy to banned personal internet use in office? Hm..No more personal email, blog and FB in office. Okay, now do you remember when i do math here about buying new phone for me? Oh yeah...i think i found one!

  • Key Features
  • Simple SNS Connector
  • LiveSquare™
  • Cookie Speed Dial
  • Widgets & Applications
  • My Multimedia
  • Email On-the-Go
  • Dolby Sound, Music Hotkey, Ringtone Creator

It gorgeous right?? (i know you will say yes!) Sure it's LG Cookie. Plus it is touch screen phone, come in cool colors and affordable.

Why touch screen phone?
Oh diary! You don't have any idea how hard using my current phone with those 'keypad'. With touch screen phone:
- i can browse my photo album easily.
- it don't take half of my lunch time typing, scrolling and browsing just to make only ONE shoutout in my FB
- i can play solitaire during my lunch
- i can read my personal email easily and don't have to hurt my nail and finger pressing button just to scroll down! 
- it will make me look more sophisticated 

On top of that:

yes...nuffnaggers are so lucky as nuffnang is throwing away a party (read: monster party a.k.a no human allowed). Only 100 monsters will get invited. 
It will be rockin' good party...more phones to be won and will be hosted by monster chief kenny sia
 *photo before transform to original monster face!

Oh diary! I wanna rawrr with all the monsters. But, how should i dress then?
should i look like silly monster? or violent? shy and cute?? scary? red eyes with green hair monster?  

brainstorming...i wanna be unique, adorable and eye-catching monster...
owh...we must start thinking like monster...which saloon should we go now?

Dear diary,
I'm signing off now. I will catch you later...

p/s: i love to touch my LG Cookies. Proven save after manicure session.

** this entry is  made for  nuffnang LG Cookie. You may join me to win LG cookie phone series and get invited to above mentioned party. Pls click here to get more details.


Nur Hidayah Yahya said...

good luck mummyalesya !!!

suhaisweet said...

Visiting here in ur cool blog...nice..This is 'special'for u friend. Don’t Miss it!

QarezmaV said...

cool post!! u must be in the running!!

mummy alesya said...

thanks all