Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Homemaker: A profession

There's an episode in Desperate Housewife (yes! i'm a tv-drama addicted), when Bree Hodge said, i'm working, i'm a housewife....Yes! they take it as profession.
So, kalau housewife nih profession..i'm a full timer. Ada yang part timer, ada yang weekly, ada yang every fortnight or ada yang just supervise.
In addition as a profession, ada yang pro, amateur, beginner or newbie.
What homemaker do?
Including and not limited to cooking, do the laundry, take care children, housekeeping and fixing things too.
Eventho homemaker play a big role in our life (of course to maintain our house so that we feel comfortable back to home after work!) but many do not appreciate this job. Yes, this the most infamous job in world and lowest pay too...
Yet, i still love my profession. I get opportunity to learn and get new experience, do what i love (spend time with Alesya of course) and sometime get tips (money i found in pants during laundry..heheheh). What else you need in your job right? It hard but i hope to upgrade myself too...You know to be a pro...whom a good cook (the type that can cook dim sum for breakfast, rendang for lunch, muffin and tart for tea and tosei for dinner), laundry? (oh..i pretty good at this..check all pockets/ zipper/ separate color/other special fabric inst), good nanny? (on my way)..fix thing?? (very far away from me.....) hahhahaha
Ok..whatever profession always remember to love your job and do it with your full heart.

info: If the homemaker is part of the family, a female homemaker is usually termed as housewife, and a male homemaker, a househusband.

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wana said...

ok what homemaker...bg aku kan liza satu profession yg murni tau..bukan senang org yg graduate memilih utk m'jaga rumahtangga..pasal duit,hang mesti ada bakat t'pendam so gunakan..

aku kan liza,kalo dlm masa 5-6 thn ni still x dpt keje gomen,aku choose utk jd homemaker,nk jaga anak2 je..pasal duit nnt2 la pikir hahaha..

gud luck dear..aku sokong je apa yg hang buat!!