Thursday, July 1, 2010

I won Adidas merchandise

Tadi aku g blogwalking then jumpa pasal ni kat blog yant
so try luck...dpt seh...
cuma lupa nak printscreen..kalu tak bleh eksen skit..heheh
so apa kata korang pun try luck...
klik sini...
survey pendek jer...

Tell us about your experiences and win Adidas merchandise

PETALING JAYA: Some people cannot live without it and some cannot live with it.
The World Cup is entering the quarter-final stage and we want to know how it is affecting the lives of football-crazy Malaysians.
Whether you are having sleepless nights watching the matches or because someone else is. Tell us by participating in The Star-Adidas Loudest Noise Survey at
Every 10th entry wins an Adidas merchandise and every 50th entry wins an exclusive Adidas vuvuzela.
Prizes are to be redeemed at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur on July 11 from 4pm to midnight. Uncollected prizes will be forfeited.
Rules and regulations are available on the website.

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