Sunday, July 18, 2010

Learning new motherhood chapter

Alesya demam...
On thursday Alesya muntah 2x. After milk she take her nap n tiba2 batuk n muntah. During lunch time and around 7pm cam tu. I thought indigestion problem. Gave some gripe water. But later that night she sleep soundly. So i thought tak der apa-apa lah.
Everything was fine. Until 11.00 pm aku switch off all lights nak bg dia tdo. Dia still nak main2 so i forced her to have milk and sleep. During BF i sensed she got flame then she vomited again. After that terus tdo. I slept about 2am and see everything was in order.
Early morning buat appointment utk Alesya kat SDH (previously known as SJMC.) Paed ckp ada flame n prescibe few medinices.
Body temperature Alesya naik turun..Stop ubat spital
Alhamdulillah getting better. Dah tak demam. Selsema n flame dah kurang.

What do i learn?
-  Stay up late night
*joking...but yes i set alarm every hour to check on her. Afraid that temperature suddenly go high or she may have difficulties to breath.
*hahah...basically i try to understand all medicines presribe to her. Notice paed presribed hydroxyzine 10mg and paracetamol susp 250mg for her fever. Once i gave them both coz her fever go more than 37.5 degree then i stop just coz decided bagi paracetamol bp 120mg yg dpt dr gomen clinic on her monthly check up. Luckily she's fine. Because so hard to feed her twice and paracetamol not good for baby actually.
-Traditional treatment
*Yeah..even after all medication as prescribed tapi still tak baik betul so aloe vera n asam jawa my case. n kunyit for flu.

so u guys know y i not blogwalking dis few days. will do so soon she back to normal. in fact i cradle carry her now. hmm....she keep crying coz her flu.

c you guys around. pray that my lil gurl back to normal soon k.


QarezmaV said...

poor gal.. wish her a speedy recovery!

d_tieah said...

Take care ek..

wana said...

huhuu sian alesya..

x senang tido mummy kan ;(..

u did a good job liza..congratessss..