Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Etika mendisiplinkan anak (do and don't)

-puji anak anda atas kelakuan baiknya
-beri galakan positif
-sayangi anak anda seadanya
-listen to his/her inner thought
-tunjukkan contoh yg baik
-respek him/her
-act with empathy by identifying with your child mentally
-be coherent with behaviour and not your child standing
-never take sides when it comes to your children
-speak calmly
-encourage your child's view and thoughts
-accept positive changes
-customise words and actions
-have sense of humor

-Embarrass your children
-look low upon your child's capability
-criticise your child in front of others
-criticise other children in front of your own child
-harsh punishment
-snarl harshly at your child
-compare their achievements
-label your child
-setting unrealistic hopes on your child
-make your child panic
-rush/pester your children
-neglect your child
-insult him/her
-team punishment
-hurt him/her

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