Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hari Bapa 2010

As per my plan, we all had a big lunch at home then paksa hubby beli kek. G kedai kek tak der lak yang bekenan then settle with blueberry cheese tart. Ok lah...As long as ada blueberry and cheese ok lah tu...I loike.
That is how we spend our time during daddy day. Alesya act like she really understand bila I asked to wish daddy dia. Make her daddy touched..kakakka
As for myself, called ayah and wish him. I still remember 20 yrs back bila jarang2 sekali dapat mkn kat restaurant, my dad selalu make time for us (normally me mum + my younger bro). Kalau tak bwk we all kuar mkn pun once a while ada belikan for us something...ais kacang or mee bandung (my fav). Ada sekali bawak we all g main gelungsur..still remember giraffe shape (hehehhe). satu2nya available in my town. No playground k...I really appreciate that.
I understand, daddy always show us their love in their own way. I really appreciate and love my daddy whom used to be my banker, driver, counsellor, police and whatever it may take him to be to protect me.
Thanks dad..u r no.1

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