Monday, June 7, 2010

She's my baby too

Initially, hubby memang quite sceptical about babywearing idea, and below was how i convince him:

Place: Sunway pyramid
Conversation about: Young couple in front of us
Me: H, u think y the gurl hold bf hand?
H: Maybe takut bf dia lari kot
Me: Nope! when u hold hand, u feel safer and there's sense of belonging..u know..And the same goes to Alesya, i believe she will be happier if i babywear her rather than sitting all alone in the stroller. Furthermore stroller ni, tak leh adjust so that Alesya can't face us. When she near to us oso..we can talk to her..better right?
H: I get ur idea..

Lebih kurang camtu lah conversation yang berlaku and hubby aku dah pun terima the idea of babywearing tapi masalah pulak bila dia dok sibuk berebut nak carry alesya jugak. Of course not with Ring Sling tapi my hubby use sweet cheery crotch carrier. His friend present during Alesya shower party ari tu. I explained why we should not use the carrier but then he insist to carry Alesya as well sebab he want to talk and be near to her daughter jugak. degil tul hubby nih!

Dah malas nak bertekak aku diamkan aja walaupun i'm not happy. I realised that hubby will always carry Alesya pakai carrier tu so i decided to buy Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) for him. Last weekend dah nak g try kat tiny tapir tapi Alesya tido. But i will go and try few brand to compare and get brief idea of SSC. And i officially annouce that my hunt for SSC start now....


LiXa the Mama Alya said...

if for hubby beli Ergo, nak jimat sikit beli Jumpsacbaby. Just my opinion :)

mummy alesya said...

thanks for sharing lixa.