Monday, May 10, 2010

A Giveaway: Win Cloth Diapers from baby-mel & Knickernappies!

CD free kawan-kawan..cute kan CD gitu...sesuwaaii sgt utk Alesya

Kalau nak jom lah join giveaway nih: Details as below

Giveaway date is from 11th MAY 2010 until 11th JUNE 2010.

Open to those with Malaysian addresses only!
How to Win?
Doing ALL of these below will be considered as ONE(1) entry. (Any incomplete entries will not be counted, so make sure you do each and every one! ):
Subscribe to Cloth Diaper Malaysia via E-mail or Feeds.
Become a Fan of Cloth Diaper Malaysia’s on Facebook (by clicking the “Like” button). *If you don’t have Facebook, do any one of the “Additional Entries” below instead*
Send an E-mail to us with the title: “Knickernappies Giveaway”. Include your full name, Facebook/Google account name (if necessary), stating that you have done all of the above. Also mention if you have any extra entries as below.
Drop a comment below to inform me that you have sent us your e-mail!
For additional entries:

Extra 3 entries: Write about this giveaway on your website/blog, and insert the image code for the “We Love Cloth Diapers” button in that blog post (the code is located on the right sidebar of this website).

Extra 1 entry: Become a Fan of baby-mel on Facebook (by clicking the “Like” button).

Extra 1 entry: Become a follower of baby-mel’s blog.

Extra 1 entry: Become a Fan of Knickernappies on Facebook (by clicking the “Like” button).

Extra 1 entry: Become a follower of Knickernappies’ blog.

*Bonus!!* Extra 1 entry for EACH password you submit: Search for hidden “passwords” in blog posts published on Cloth Diaper Malaysia during the duration of this Giveaway. To start it off, there’s one password hidden somewhere in this post: Baby-mel – Featured Shop of April. Can you find it?

*Don’t forget to include in your e-mail to us: your Facebook/Google account, & the passwords that you have collected if you have done any of the above (whichever is relevant)*
It’s easy peasy isn’t it? The more things you do, the higher the chance of you being selected as the winner! Hope you have fun giving this Giveaway a try – you might just be the owner of a brand new Knickernappies diaper! Good luck to you!
This Giveaway is sponsored by Knickernappies & Please drop by their websites for more information about their products.
*NOTE: Winners of Giveaway must submit three (3) pictures of their baby in Knickernappies diaper to reserves the right to use the pictures for future promotional purposes on their website.*

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wana said...

weisss contest cd pun hang masuk no..utk alesya apa saje..kkekeke..bagus la mummy ni..